Child Care as a Financial Support Network

Topics: Childhood, Learning, Child Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 20, 2013
We were all once children, and even till now our parents might still think of us as children. But the difference is that we are all in this class room learning and trying to boost our education for the future while most of our parents are at work paying for this schooling. So if we are here at this age where were we while we were children and our parents were at work. CHILDCARE. Childcare refers to the care and education offered to children aged 0-6 in a long day care environment. I remember about this time last year we were enrolling my cousin, Angela aged 3, in Playdays. Playdays have 200 children enrolled per week, however they are only allowed to accommodate for no more than 49 children per day. This facility was first introduced in the headquarters, Arcacia Gardens 15 years ago, but the Rouse Hill facility was opened 10 years ago by their owner Melinda. Playdays follow a motto that aims to NURTURE, PLAY AND LEARN. At Playdays childcare centres, they aim to nurture the children, care about our children and want them to always feel safe and secure when they are with them. They want parents to leave their centres confident that their children will enjoy the day and will be well cared for. While talking to the manager of the Rouse Hill campus, Melinda, and she told me that "We provide a safe and stimulating play environment where children learn to make friends, share toys and equipment and to have respect for themselves, their friends and their teachers." Melinda also mentioned that "All children participate in programs which are planned according to the children’s interests. Our professionally qualified teachers ensure the children learn through play in a stimulating and fun atmosphere. We encourage and motivate the children to learn, and build on each child’s individual interests to encourage positive attitudes to learning and caring about themselves, each other and the environment." The highly qualified staff at Playdays account for the intellectual needs...
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