Child Care

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K3C154:- The importance of good working relationships in the setting.

A good relationship is one of the foundation stones for being a good practitioner. Good relationship with parents, adults and colleagues is very important. As it helps in creating a welcoming and pleasant environment in the setting. It helps to develop trust among parents and carers. Also child’s welfare is paramount, thus working with partnership with parents and communicating with them, will help in the overall development of the children. As children learn from their environment, it will make a positive impact on them. At the setting, I always make sure that I develop positive relationship with my colleagues. As this helps to build trust with each other, and as good communication is developed among each other, it also helps in smooth working. Also parents and care taker is the role model for children; it helps in giving a good impression on children. Children learn from their surrounding, so when they see positive relationship among the adults, they would do the same thing as well which will help them to be socializing with others.

K3D163: The importance of encouraging children to make choices for themselves and strategies to support this. All the children should have opportunities to plan and make choices, as it helps children to learn to feel confident and take on responsibility. By giving children choices they are encouraged to become more independent. This is also an important life skill to learn as it will help children to choose and decide what is right and what is wrong as they grew older. Choices given to them will also depend on the age, needs and abilities of the children will depend on the choices you give them. For e.g. I encourage babies to choose among different coloured rattles or soft toys. or provide treasure baskets to babies who are able to pick up gives them opportunities to make choices about which objects to explore and how to explore them.

While with elder...
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