Child Care

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Kimberley Meakin

Understand how to safeguard the well being of children and young people Section 1
Understand the main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people.

The main current legislation that the government brought out was the children Act that was introduce in 1989, the law enforced a big change in the way parents role are regarded and having a responsibility to their children rather then rights over them. Under the children Act, children do have rights for example have their wishes considered when decisions that affect them are being made and also discuss any concerns they might have. The children Act aim is to simplifying the laws that protect children and young people. They tell people what theirs duties are and how they should work together when child abuse is suspected. For a guideline we have the EYFS in place and that ensure us for our ratio's, incidents forms, planning, and documentation. That is to ensure our safeguarding within the setting to up to date with meeting legal requirements.

We have polices and procedures that we have to follow within our day to day activities, so staff know what to follow and making sure the children are safeguarded. The way we safeguard which is our policy to offer help and support to all the parents and guardians to children in our care we also to all the staff. Also arranging for CRB checks on all adults that checks to work with the children and they will check is to see wherever a person is already barred from working with vulnerable children and young people. CRB checks will continue to make checks to see if there is information held about people that indicates that they may pose a risk to vulnerable groups this will indicates searching police databases and seeing whether other organisations have reported concerns. We also have passwords for security, filing, indents forms and accident forms if the children hurt themselves.

Section 2
An explanation of child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people

Child protection is covered within this umbrella team, child protection is about the measures that we take to keep children and young people safe from abuse and harm, that why we do safeguarding to keep children and young people safe from a wide range of dangers. All staff have a responsibility to safeguard within your setting it had broader range and is produce to provide a frame work to protect the children and training. And also procedures such as CRB checks, also different organisations are stop on with security coming into the setting for example: wearing ID badges, singing in and out of nursery’s, ensuring current legislation is adhered to such as Data protection and the safeguarding policy.

Section 3

A clear analysis of how national and local guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding affect the day to day work both with children and young people and within the new workers work role.

Both local and national guideline, policies and procedures affect day to day work with children and young people in each of the home countries. Services and practitioners develop their own policies and procedures they will work safeguarding children and young people in their practice for example, child protection, so we can support the children who may be compressing concerns. Risk assessments – our settings have risk assessments to make sure each room and areas are safe for the children to go in to. Health & safety – all the staff have to have CRB checks so they can do nappies or be left alone in a room with the children. Also the full EYFS welfare requirements for safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare in full as part of our good practice. Section 4

An explanation of when and where the inquires and serious cases reviews, processes are required, issues of how to share findings and impliclations for the workers practice

The local safeguarding...
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