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Uri Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model of Dave Pelzer (A Child Called It) Choronosystem (1 example)
Dave’s parent’s become more separate (pg. 61)
Macrosystem (3 examples)
Dave’s Mother was so happy to actually have a family…until she lost it (pg. 18) Exosystem (5 examples)
Den mother did not notice Dave’s need for help (pg. 27)
Social Services:
Police Officer comes to meet with Dave (pg. 10-11)
Dave is taken into custody (pg. 13)
Education System:
School Nurse takes notes and looks at all of Dave’s cuts and bruises (pg. 8) Teacher’s were told to pay not attention to Dave’s “lies” (pg. 33) Mesosystem (2 examples)
Healthcare to Home:
School nurse takes notes but doesn’t confront Dave’s parents (pg. 9) Doctor didn’t report Dave’s mother even though he did not believe her story of how Dave broke his arm (pg. 25) School to Home:
Principal doesn’t call Dave’s mother anymore (pg. 10)
Microsystem (8 examples)
Substitute teacher joins in with the humiliation of Dave (pg. 10) Peers:
At school they reject Dave (pg. 10)
Brother’s shrugged what was happening to Dave off (pg. 22) Mother switched from “corner treatment” to “mirror treatment” (pg. 21) Father didn’t say anything about how Dave really broke his arm (pg. 25)

Uri Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model does a great job of helping to display that child abuse is not an issue that is isolated to the home, but rather a problem that can be confronted on multiple levels. Through his use of a “target-like” diagram, he is able to show that each systems builds on each other and are interrelated. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model consists of five, linked systems, the Chronosystem, the Macrosystem, the Exosystem, the Mesosystem, and the Microsystem. To better understand Bronfenbrenner’s model, a walk through each layer of the model using explanations and examples from Dave Pelzer’s memoir, A Child Called “It”(Pelzer, 1995) is necessary.

With the Chronosystem, Bronfenbrenner introduces the idea and understanding that a child’s development would be effected by any major life event that happens to or around the victim that would effect their livelihood and well-being long-term. For an example of this in A Child Called “It” (Pelzer, 1995), a Chronosystem would be when Dave’s Father no longer stood as Dave’s protector, this is most blatantly seen around the time that Dave’s Mother stabbed him. Dave’s Father had grown “blind” and desensitized to the actions his wife was taking on their child. Around this same time, Dave’s Father began to not only back away from the issues and problems associated with Dave, but Dave’s Father began to bow out of the issues concerning the entire family. Dave’s Father spent more nights and days away from the house, packing “overnight” bags, even when Dave knew his Father wasn’t working that night. The actions that his Father took at this crucial time would set Dave up for unending beating and lashings from his Mother. He would no longer be able to find a safe haven in his Father’s arms or ease in the fact that his Father was just down the hallway. Dave’s protector was gone and Dave’s Mother had lost her love and idea of harboring a perfect family.

In the Macrosystem, Bronfenbrenner displays a community’s overarching beliefs, attitudes, and values toward the growth and development of a child. In Pelzer’s memoir, this system can best be seen through Dave’s Mother’s own beliefs and attitude toward family. In the chapter, Good Times, from the book (Pelzer, 1995), Dave recalled once living in an extremely loving household with a loving Mother and a terrific Father. Dave’s Mother would often cry, stating how happy she was that she finally had a real family. From this information, it can be inferred that Dave’s Mother came from an unloving household. She may have grown up not truly knowing the meaning of unconditional love and family. She wanted so much for her own family to be perfect,...
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