Child and Young Person Develpment

Topics: Special education, Developmental psychology, Dyslexia Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: January 21, 2013
There are certain areas in which a child can develop starting from birth till 19 years. The physical development refers of body development, the motor skills, the co-ordination between the hand and the eye. The social and emotional development includes the relations and the social skills, the feelings for the others and the self –confidence. The intellectual development includes the understanding of the information, the logical thinking and the reasoning. The language development means the speech development which begins from one word to complex sentences. There are some transitions periods from one stage to another which are called milestones. These stages are divided in the most important ages: * 0-3 years

* 3-7 years
* 7-12 years
* 12-19 years

At the beginning of a child life I mean from birth till age of three the physical development is concentrated on the perception of sounds and familiar faces like mum and dad faces, their voices, starting sitting, start to walk, feed himself, starting to play, holds crayon in one hand and starting doing marks on paper. The social and emotional development for the child from birth till 3 years it has on the centre of the universe the mother, which feeds him, smiles on her face, depends on her affection, later on he starts to play with children but he stills needs the adult reassurance and attention. Intellectual he realise that others are separate beings and he is another soul. On language the child starts first to make happy sounds, after the age of one year he will begin to use words and after try to create sentences. After 3 years the child starts to jump, run, ride a bicycle, catches a ball, start using pencil, paints and doing buttons and shoe laces. He becomes independent and more sociable and friendly with others, responsible for himself and others. He starts to understand the needs of others, the differences between objects and the sameness. In the language he starts to use past...
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