Child Abuse Research Paper

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Recognizing, Preventing, and Recovering from Child Abuse

Child Abuse is an issue that affects all kinds of people worldwide something’s we fail to do is recognized the signs, try to prevent the abuse, and get people the proper help and treatment they need to recover.  According to Tollefson (2011) Child abuse generally refers to mistreatment of a child by a parent or another adult. However, there is no standard definition of child abuse. A narrow definition is limited to life-threatening physical violence. Such violence might include severe beatings, burns, and strangulation. A broader definition includes any treatment that may harm a child. No one knows how many instances of child abuse occur each year because many cases of child abuse are never reported. Child abuse takes many forms. It includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Another form of child abuse is neglect. Neglect is the failure of a parent or caregiver to provide for the basic needs of a child. It is the most common form of child abuse (Tollefson, 2011). Whether you are the abuser or the victim, both parties need to be treated in order to be able to heal. There are many ways in which someone can recognize abuse exist within a family, but we just fail to see the signs. One must have situational awareness in order to be able to see the signs. There is many ways to recognized sexually abused children. Sexually abused children will sometimes act out sexual, they can become hostile and aggressive, you can start noticing changes in their behavior, and they can become reluctant or fear certain places or people. Some may develop advance sexual knowledge. Physically abused children will often wear clothing that will allow them to hide their injuries, marks or scars. Some may show no distress or little distress when separated from parents. And their alertness for possible danger may become heighten. Besides recognizing children that are being abused, there are also ways to detect and become aware of the offenders too. Some offenders behavior can vary and change, but some of these signs for the sexual abuse offender might be that they are extremely over protective towards their child, may show great parental dominance in the home, could have been a victim themselves when they were a child. They can also see their children seductively and refer to their children in sexual manners. And the most common one is those who like to spent a lot of time with children and inviting children to their home. For offenders that like to physically abuse children some may also have a history of sexual abuse, blame their child for their hardship and misery, constantly emphasizing bad qualities instead of good ones. They will also use harsh discipline or offense not appropriate or accordingly to that Childs age. And the most obvious one will be showing no concern about their child, treatment, injuries, and health. A neglected child is another form of recognizing child abuse. Some signs of neglected child is a chi that is frequently absent from school, will beg or even steal food or money, shows lack of medical care, a child who is dirty and possesses a bad odor, lack of food and clothing. Besides recognizing a neglect child you can also recognize a neglectful parent. A neglectful parent will appeared indifferent of their child, will seem depress or even apathetic, will sometimes behave irrational and may be abusing alcohol or drugs. Abusing alcohol and drug as a neglectful parent can contribute for a child to also abuse and seek refuge in alcohol and drugs. Overall according to Crosson-Tower (2009) Neglect of children is a result of parental failure to meet basic human needs— adequate food, shelter, safety, and affection. Several authors have attempted to define neglect— first by the creation of the Childhood Level of Living Scale, developed by Polansky and col-leagues, and later by the creation of Trocmé’s Child Neglect Index. It is difficult to determine the...

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