Child Abuse and Prevention

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Child Abuse and Prevention

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Child Abuse and Prevention
. Child abuse is a growing problem and prevention education is the key. There are more children being abused in the United States everyday. People need to learn the sign of abuse, when it is appropriate to report abuse, how to report abuse, and what to do to prevent future abuse.

According to Webster's dictionary, child abuse is the mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, physical abuse and sexual molestation. The medical definition differs fro Webster's definition only by a few words. The medical definition defines child abuse as physical injury inflicted upon a child with cruel or malicious intent. (Medterms, nd).

Neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse are all forms of child abuse. Although there are different forms of abuse, neglect is the most commonly reported. Neglect means not providing the child with the basic necessities needed to live a safe and healthy life. This could mean that the child does not have proper adult supervision, the child does not have proper food to eat, the appropriate clothes for extreme weather, or if the parent leaves the child with a sitter and does not return for the child. Neglect also includes not providing the child with a safe place to sleep, eat or bathe and not taking the child to the doctor when he is sick or for regular checkups.

Physical abuse is the next most commonly reported form of child abuse. This type of abuse is defined as the intentional use of force ton a child which leads to non-accidental injury. (Physical Abuse, nd). Physical abuse includes hitting a child, pulling his hair, slapping the child, shaking, biting or shoving the child.

Sexual abuse is the third most commonly reported form of abuse. Sexual abuse is also the most publicly talked about form of abuse. Sexual abuse occurs when an adult commits a sexual act with a child. Touching a child in personal places, having penetration with a child, taking inappropriate photographs of a child, making a child perform sexual acts with another person and making a child watch tow people have sex are all types of sexual abuse.

Emotional abuse is the least most commonly reported form of child abuse. Emotional abuse is any attitude or behavior that interferes with a child's mental or social development (Child Abuse Learning Center). Emotional abuse includes yelling and screaming at the child, ignoring the child, criticizing harshly, ridiculing or rejecting the child. The abuser may tell the child negative things about himself or may not tell the child something as simple as "I Love You".

The Nation Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse (NCPCA) conducted a survey on reported cases of child abuse in 25 states. Neglect represented 62% of the reported cases; physical abuse, 25%; sexual abuse 7% and emotional abuse, 3%. (Child Abuse Statistics, nd).

The NCPCA also conducted a survey in 1996 of the substantiated cases of child abuse in 31 states. Neglect represented 60% of the substantiated cases, physical abuse, 23%; sexual abuse, 9%; and emotional abuse, 4%. (Child Abuse Statistics, nd).

There are many different signs of abuse. A few signs of physical abuse are if the child has bruises on his body that he cannot explain well, if the child does not have any friends or even have an interest in making friends, or the child may have an unexplained fear of adults. Some signs of emotional abuse are depression, hostility an unusual amount of stress for the child's age or a sudden lack of concentration. If the child shows fewer of one specific person, if the child knows more about sex than is age appropriate or is either very aggressive or very passive the child could be a victim of sexual abuse. (Child Abuse Learning Center).

The signs of neglect are...

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