Child Abuse and Poor Overall Health

Topics: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Health Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 15, 2011
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In conjunction with the celebration of the World Children’s Day, you have been asked to write an essay on the topic “Child abuse: a social ill”. Child abuse: a social ill
In modern era, child abuse is getting very serious because of some factors such as family problems, stress and others. Child abuse can be in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse. Child abuse is known as a social ill because it can cause serious injuries to the children. Child abuse affects many children of all ages. There are some effects of child abuse on children and ways to reduce child abuse in society.

The effects of child abuse can vary from child to child, depending on severity and frequency of abuse, age of child when abuse began, availability of support and child’s ability to cope. The victims of child abuse will suffer from different types of physical health problems. Children will have repeated serious injuries such as bruises or burns. Child abuse can cause pain, cuts, broken bones and sometimes even result in death when children are hurt or injured by parents or other people. Therefore, children will have poor overall health and cannot grow happily and healthy. Child abuse can be extremely harmful to the physical health of the child.

Besides, child abuse also causes psychological effects on children. Physically-abused children tend to show excessive aggressiveness. They become extremely violent. They may have depressive symptoms, long bouts of sadness and social withdrawal. They also face problems in schools as they cannot pay attention well during lessons. They take out anger and frustration on other people. Furthermore, they will start to get involved in social problems and affect their academic performance because of the psychological effects on them.

One of the ways to prevent child abuse from continuing is to report the cases of abuse immediately when the cases are happening so that children will not have serious hurt or injuries....
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