Child Abuse

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Sammie Artiaga
Child 39
Child Abuse/Child Neglect Paper
Child abuse is the deliberate action that is harmful to a child’s physical, emotional or sexual well-being. A child’s well-being should never be jeopardized. Parents and child care takers are supposed to be there to help the child learn and grow in healthy environments, not abuse them or let someone else abuse them.

A child should feel safe in his or her household, relative’s household and school/daycare. If a child doesn’t feel safe in these places then something is going on causing them to feel scared or frightened of these places that are supposed to be safe for them. The child may not tell you that anything is going on but there will be signs either physically or emotionally pointing towards abuse or some sort of danger they’ve been put into.

When someone is suspected of child abuse, they should have all their privileges of being around a child taken away. Once proven guilty for a crime involved with child abuse or child neglect they should have to serve their time and then never be able to be around children again, or within certain distances depending on the severity of their crime.

No life should ever be taken or put into danger by people treating them poorly especially children. It’s unfathomable to know that child abuse and neglect happen every day somewhere in the world. Knowing this and not being able to do much about it cuts deeply into my heart. Opening my own daycare will create a place where children can feel safe all the time and get help when needed. It will provide the children with a safe learning environment to grow as they get older. I will do everything I can to protect and provide help for the children I will be watching and taking care of.
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