Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Background: Child Abuse
Child abuse is an enormous issue that affects children from every social class, race and gender. There are two types of child abuse, emotional abuse and physical/sexual abuse. Many children experience both types of abuse. Children like Jay may never even know they are being abused. They think their horrendous treatment is normal. Their abusers are often emotionally manipulative, saying their sorry or they wish they were a family again, or their just doing what is best. (Jay's Story - Child Abuse and Domestic Violence). This essay will explore the two facets of child abuse and their victims and perpetrators.

While symptoms of physical abuse are more obvious, symptoms of emotional abuse are much more subtle. Some behaviors of abusers include ignoring, rejecting, isolating, exploiting, corrupting, verbally assaulting, terrorizing, and neglecting their child/children. Children who are ignored and rejected are denied their needs and attention. Isolating involves a parent preventing the child from having normal social interactions or confining the child to one place. Exploiting and corrupting involve teaching a child to do morally wrong actions like stealing or prostitution. Verbally assaulting involves belittling and ridiculing a child. Terrorizing involves making a child feel scared and putting something a child cares for in danger. Neglecting the child includes medical, educational and health neglect, where a parent or caretaker refuses to take care of a child’s needs. (Emotional Abuse).

Perpetrators of emotional abuse harm their children because of a variety of reasons. They may have been abused themselves. They may be under an extreme amount of stress. In the Disney movie Tangled, the antagonist, Mother Gothel, kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her isolated from everyone in the outside world. She verbally assaults her in order to make her believe she can’t handle the real world. She feeds Rapunzel terrifying stories of the outside world in...

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