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By mahmoudgheta Apr 23, 2013 668 Words
how to raise your child to be good

When I was a child my parents especially my father always told me how working hard at something (especially school) would pay off when I got older, but I think they could have done more to help me reach my true potential. Parents should spend more time with their kids doing productive activities. Children who spend more time with their parents doing productive and fun activities, such as: playing sports, reading books, playing board games, or even just talking, can grow up to be happier and more successful young adults. When I was a kid me and my family would go to the park and play sports like soccer, basketball, and even football once in a while. Doing outside activities like those is fun and it can be physically beneficial. Having your child have fun while also exercising is a great thing and I think introducing your kids to sports at an early age is would be a good idea too because they can later develop a love for a sport. If your child grows up to be in a school’s sports team, he/she could learn discipline and they would have to keep their grades up. There are simply many benefits to it. I can’t stress enough how important I think going outside and playing with your kids is. Playing and even teaching your kids a sport could be very beneficial for them in the future too. In high school, playing a sport could serve as an extra curriculum activity and your child could even grow up to love a sport so much that they could become good enough to even earn a scholarship to play in college. Of course pushing your kids to play a sport they don’t like is the wrong thing to do, but teaching and playing sports with them when they are young is something every parent should make time for. A parent should worry about his/her child being physically active, and exercising with their kids could be beneficial for the parent too. Spending quality time with your child outside the house is great, but there are also many fun and productive things to do at home, like reading and playing board games. When your child is young you should definitely read to him/her during the day or before bed. Kids pick up so much when they are at a very young age. Reading to your child and even having your child try to read to you can mentally benefit them a lot in the long run. Your kid will be a much better reading if he/she starts reading at an early age. Your child can learn so much from you if you sit down and enjoy a good read with them every once in a while. Playing a table game like monopoly or dominos can help make them mentally active too. Playing a board game with your kid/s is also fun and playing they learn how to laugh and have a good time. They learn it’s not about losing or winning. There is so many productive and fun activities you can do with your children when they are at an early age to help them grow up to be healthy kids mentally and physically. When I have a child I will read with them every night when they are little, I will play outside with them as well as inside, but another activity parents should do with their kids and I will definitely do, is “talking”. Talking to your kids could make a huge difference in their lives. Ask your kids about their day. Ask them what is going in their lives and try to be a part of it. By talking to your kids you could help point them to the right direction in life. Spending time with your kids doing productive, fun things with them will lead them to a happier, more successful life.

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