Chickens Are More Than Food?

Topics: Rooster, Chicken, Hen Pages: 4 (1605 words) Published: June 7, 2009
In the documentary, The Natural History of the Chicken, written and directed by Mark Lewis and produced by PBS, Lewis wants to show viewers that chickens are perceived differently by many and are not only entrées. Through a series of personal experiences and events, Lewis portrays the variety of roles chickens play in the lives of Americans. By showing the chicken farms, Lewis shows ethos and credibility because he actually shows that the information he is giving is true. It is sad when the little chicks are shown falling off the conveyor belt as if they are just objects or commodities and not living, breathing creatures. When the workers just grab them and push their heads against the metal to be vaccinated, they just throw them back onto the rotating belt like they are pieces of garbage or plastic. By showing the different cities and towns where each event takes place, Lewis shows that there are really people out there who are telling these stories and that they are not made up from imagination. He gives his audience proof by actually showing several newspaper articles referring to the events that he mentions take place. The audience cannot argue with concrete evidence. The audience can relate to the different people based on their views about chickens. Some people think that chickens are their friends and that they can develop a healthy relationship with them while others see them as irritating or just as natural living things. For example, in Harpswell, Maine, Janet Bonney says that chickens have different personalities. Bonney compares them to humans and sees them as her friends. One night when she finds that one of her chickens, Valerie, is missing, she finds her frozen outside and brings her inside to bury her in a box. When she leaves Valerie for awhile, she is surprised to discover a faint heartbeat which then leads Bonney to give Valerie mouth-to-beak resuscitation. Bonney’s story shows that there are people out there that see chickens as their...
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