Chicken a la carte

Topics: Need, Want, Philippines Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: November 10, 2013

REACTION PAPER: Chicken a la Carte

The situation of the Philippines today is undeniably saddening. Depending on the place where you live, you can see how bad most of the people are dealing with their lives. Even the news on television can’t cover what’s really happening. As a student staying in once was the heart of the Philippines, which is Manila, I can pretty much realize how much the less fortunate are, even just outside the gates of the campus. There are beggars everywhere, threats of theft and other crimes as well. But inside the university, (not to be judgmental) students seem to be wasting what they’ve paid for, especially when it comes to food. When you sit down inside a fast food restaurant, and see what the service crew is cleaning up from the other table, you’ll see leftovers which seem to be too much for a “leftover.” If they were in a buffet restaurant, they’ll be charged twice the cost of the actual food they ate, and wouldn’t care, because it’s mainly for fun or leisure. Meanwhile, what some people consider as trash is already a “treasure” for others. It’s heartbreaking to see the video of the man giving out what he got from the restaurant, to other kids in their area. This man also has a family to feed, and he had the heart to give out something he could have given to his own family. And while other families are enjoying their sumptuous dinner, they were enjoying their time with their family, regardless of their lack of what we call “food.” As stated in the short film, 25,000 people die due to hunger, every day. Scarcity of resources seem to be evident in most of the countries today, and it’s the number one cause of these deaths due to starvation. However, it does not apply to everyone, for some people have more and some people have few, or none at all. Wealthy families obviously have abundant resources and they can have as much as they want, for they have the money to pay for everything that they want and need, and even those which they...
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