chicken soup for the teenage soul

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The novel I read for book club is called Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, which is full of short stories about growing up, written by various authors across the country. Although the majority of the stories were nice to read, one stood out to me the most, called She Didn’t Give Up on Me. The story is about a foster girl who goes from house to house in order to find a family. After she’s unsuccessful a few times and believes she is unlovable, she finally finds a family she fits in with.

Even though I wasn’t adopted, I sure did test some of the boundaries of my parents. In the story, the girl would kick and scream to test her new parents’ love for her. Most of the time, they would end up sending her back to the adoption agency because of her never ending screaming. When she finally finds her mother, she at first proceeds to throw many tantrums because she believed that she was an unlovable child, and she would never have a family. So when a young lady brings her into her home, and doesn’t send her back, she believes it’s too good to be true. However, once her mother tells her that she’s never going to bring her back, her tantrums stop. When I was younger, as most kids do, I would throw tantrums that would make my parents want to rip their hair out. Since I didn’t know that I wasn’t always right, and I didn’t know right from wrong, I would want everything and anything that interested me in the slightest way. However, my mom had the patience of an absolute angel, and never lost her cool when I was in the middle of an episode. I learned quickly that I’m not always going to get what I want, and it doesn’t make my mom budge throwing a scene about it. Even though I may have one thing in common with the author, I really do not have much else. Sure there have been times where my parents probably wanted to just send me far away, they never do because they really love me, just like that author’s mother loves her. This story affected...
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