chicken soup for the teenage soul

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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is a compilation of many different stories that teach us valuable life lessons. But three stories in particular are what we are focusing on today. By reading them, I have a new perspective on life. If you read them I guarantee you will to. But right now, all we are talking about are learning lessons. By reading this essay, you will understand who I think learned the better lesson, what the lesson was, and who I think the best teacher was.

In our first story, Egg Lessons, by: Kimberly Kirburger, Kim’s best friend, Sue, stole her boyfriend, Robby. So Kim and some others egged Sue’s house. But Kim didn’t realize Sue’s family was out of town, so when Sue got back three days later, their house smelled like rotten eggs. In the end, Kim got caught and learned the hard way that revenge was not so sweet after all. I think that Kim learned the best lesson of the three stories. I think that because, as I said, revenge may feel good at first, later it is like a slap in the face.

The second tale that has been told, The Cost of Gratefulness, by: Randal Jones is about a son and a father. This son and father go on outings every Saturday. Some Saturdays they even get ice cream before they go home. But one day the dad asks if the son wants ice cream and if yes, will he pay. “Yes, but if I have to pay, never mind.” the son replies But next outing, the son realizes his mistake and says, “Dad, do you want some ice cream, it’s on me. In this story, the son learned that it feels just as good to give as it does to get.

The last but not least story to tell is A Long Walk Home, by: Jason Bocarro. Jason drove his dad to a remote village 18 miles away. He then promised his dad that he would pick him up at 4p.m. 2 hours later; Jason was late because he went to a movie. But he lied and told his dad that the car needed work at the garage. His dad spotted the lie because he called the garage earlier. So his dad walked all 18 miles home in the dark...
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