Chicken Sandwich

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The Original Chicken Sandwich

Starting out at a new job is not so bad until you have to learn and memorize all the steps and processes. When I began my job at Chick-fil-A, I had to quickly learn how to "run boards" or basically how to make the sandwiches that are being ordered. The Original Chicken Sandwich is the most famous and most purchased item in the restaurant, so there for I had to make them fast and perfect. The items required for the making of the sandwich are basically the chicken fillet, bread, butter, pickles, and the bag.

I always liked the taste of the sandwich, but I never knew how it was prepared until I began making them myself. The ingredients are simple, but the steps involved can be a bit hectic at first.

First of all the boards person asks the person who is breading and frying the fillets for a certain amount. The raw fillets than are dipped into a milk-like liquid and coated with flower. Afterwards, the chicken is dropped into the hot peanut oil. When the meat cooks for 4 ½ minutes, it is golden brown and ready to be used to make sandwiches.

While the chicken is cooking, the boards person prepares the bread buns. Taking a pack of twelve from the shelf and opening them, he takes the precut bun and opens it up. The butter-roller is used next when the bun is being slid across it. After that the buns are put on a toaster tray where they are heated up for thirty seconds.

The following process involves taking the buns out of the toaster and than putting pickles on the skinny lower part. On top of the pickles goes the fried fillet, and on top of the meat goes the other half of the bun.

All of these steps taken have just created the Original Chicken Sandwich. But that is not all, because before serving it, it is required for the sandwich to be put into a foil bag. This is the last step of the sandwich making process.

This procedure takes place many times, depending on the amount of...
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