Chicken Noodle Soup Essay

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“Better Than Campbell’s” Chicken Noodle Soup
Ever since I was a little girl, I have never once eaten chicken noodle soup from a can. The mixture of salty slimy noodles combined with the brown-not to mention overly chewy pieces of so called “chicken”- was never appetizing to me. Although, from the way I was raised it really isn’t my fault I’m such a snob for the higher quality of the soup. It was nothing in comparison to what my whole family was used to when they wanted a warm cup of goodness: My mother’s chicken noodle soup.

Alright to say it is my mother’s would be the shortened version, because it is in fact an old recipe passed down throughout the decades. My grandmother’s grandmother was the one who first created it, for it was both inexpensive, and fed a large family. As it traveled down the family, it eventually earned the name “Better Than Campbell’s,” which is what we ask for every time we want some of the stuff.

Whether it be for fighting off a cold, or simply a meal on a winter night, my mother never fails to make less than the best of her batches of chicken noodle soup when asked to. We all know it is going to be a good day when we come home from school and can smell the mouth-watering blend in the kitchen. It fills the whole house, makes it smell warm and homey. It wouldn’t surprise me if our neighbors came knocking on our door, desperate to try a bowl of the infamous soup, simply because the smell consumed their houses as well. The consistency is smooth and warm, while at the same time tastes just the right amount of salty. There is nothing artificial about the taste of my mother’s soup. When you take a spoonful you can taste every fresh vegetable she carefully stirred in. You can taste perfectly baked chicken-only the white meat of course- and the flavors of everything else in the soup that has soaked into it. She adds just the right amount of pepper to give it a little burn on your tongue, yet still allows you to taste all the other flavors....
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