Chicken Centre Case Study

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Chicken centre is owned by Ethan. It has three shops in Melbourne. One is open recently in hawthorn. The others are in Chadstone and High street. The shop in hawthorn has one manager and three staff. The main marketing activities are in charge of the manager. The owner only comes two days a time to check new shop’s situation and make decisions when the manager can't solve.
Chicken centre has 5 years’ history. The boss has extensive experience on food. The business in Chadstone and Ashburton is very successful. The lunch and dinner are always busy because their raw chicken has high quality and good food. People enjoy the convenience and best food and service. This third shop opens due to the success of the previous shops. To increase the business, the boss decided to open more shops. Hawthorn shop is the next move. Hawthorn has similar situation with Ashburton and Chadstone. The choice of Hawthorn follows the former rules. Now the new business has operated for half a year, proving the business is getting better.
Hawthorn shop has about 50 square meters size. It is not big and changed from old Chinese takeaway shop. The new shop has spent four months to renovate the new shop and install the necessary facility and equipment. There was a big mistake postpone the open plan. The gas pipe was broken which...

Organic food follows this trend. To have a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food is critical. The more chemicals people input, the worse bodies will get. The organic food is the most naturalist way to make food. Chicken raised up in the cage won't get any good quality of chicken meat. The chicken runs through the farm and enjoy their original life can get the best chicken meat. Moreover, low density of chicken farming can reduce the chance of contagious disease and other serious disease, which also means less drug will be put into the chicken body. Therefore, the consumer will have healthier chicken...
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