Chicken Ala Carte

Topics: Food, Short film, Eating Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Czarina Anne A. Villareiz

“Chicken Ala Carte”

When I first heard the title of the short film, I thought it was just ways on how to cook that dish but surprisingly I never had an idea that this short movie could answer my question “Is that really true?.” I’ve come up with that query because every time I would eat my meal both of my parents and friends would tell me, “you should finish eating all of those in your plate” most especially with regards to the rice, “for every single grain you left in your plate serves as the number of people in this world that cannot afford to buy and eat foods” they added. From then, it even made me realized that I am fortunate enough to eat more than thrice a day. Unlike those kids who struggled so hard just to feed their empty stomach. Furthermore, upon watching it I couldn’t stop myself from having sympathy for those who are on the forgotten portion of our country for they are the one who deserves to benefit the profit our country has earned. In this kind of situation, you can’t really avoid to demand that those people should be the one our government should be focusing on improving one’s life due to the fact that since they pursue themselves to the politics, it is their duty to serve their countrymen first before anything else. Aside from scarcity, I believe education is also the key to keep away from those kind of circumstances in life because if you are a well-educated person, you will be aware of family planning and most especially you have the capability to earn money and buy foods in order for you and your family to survive. Further to that the last two part of the film is really the one who made me reflect to a lot of things for it was so inspiring. First, when the man who pedals his tricycle leaves the fast-food together with his own bin that is full of leftovers then at daytime he opened the cover of the bin and the children start searched for those little pieces of food that they can...
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