chicano history

Topics: Hacienda, Debt bondage, Encomienda Pages: 1 (606 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Abraham Espinoza
History 49A
Chicano History
Dr. Oliverez
September 25, 2014
Intact and Stable Social Order
In section class Haciendas and debt peons, Ferdinand and Isabella wanted monopoly on gold and silver properties and led a good trade balance and control in order to retain strict control metal exports. In order to maintain the lifestyle of trading of wealth to purchase manufacturing products from others. The regional transformation took forms of encomienda, repartimiento, and gradually peonage and outright slavery (Hamnett 2006, Wolt 1982; Stein and Stein 1970; Israel 1975). Indian labor turned to working the land; private property and large feudal landholding units were European practices and how Indians fit into the new colonial social organization. During the sixteen century the Indians were suffering from smallpox. The encomenderos abused Indians by making them harder and longer and were relocated southern mining and lowland plantation regions. Also, the Indians were losing lives because of the exposure of disease which they had no protection. A lot encomenderos were lenged for this reason. Hernan Cortes, now Marquis de Oaxaca, the biggest landowner in Mexico, controlling a Indian population of twenty thousand people. Repartimiento is define the crown sought to prevent the decimation of the natives, as occurred in the Caribbean and initiated a twofold policy. The first was save the natives from total exploitation and the second was to restructure the colony to provide a broader Spanish ruling elite in place of an enterprising. With this policy the Indians laborers were to work for wages a limited number of days per year and have time for their own needs and plans. One part that caught my attention was when one writer stated for every 16 Indians in 1519 there was only one left in the next century (Sanchez, Albornoz 1988). The colonist totally ignored the repartimiento and the Indians were very unfortunate because it was mandatory labor....
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