Chicago Public School Strike

Topics: Education, Evaluation, Proposal Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: June 13, 2013
HRM701 Introduction to Human Resource Management: Chicago Public school strike Group: HR Planning Summary Report

In September 2012, Chicago Public School teachers went on a nine-day strike, walking off the job for the first time in 25 years. Striking teachers voiced complaints about pay, teacher evaluations, and benefits, as well as general concerns about the neglect of the city's public school system. On what was clearly the most contentious issue, was the proposal from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, following the lead of the Obama administration to make test scores represent as much as 40% of evaluations. According to the proposed system Teachers who don't improve their students' test scores would be fired. The new system proposed, teachers would be ranked into four categories. Those in the lowest tier, "unsatisfactory," could be fired in 90 working days if they don't improve—although they can appeal their evaluations. Teachers in the second-to-lowest category, "developing," would be moved to the "unsatisfactory" ranking after two years unless they gain at least one point annually on the evaluations, which have a 100-to-400-point scale.

As a mark of Protest against this proposal, the Chicago Teachers Union representing 26,000 teachers called on a strike on 10th September, 2012. The union said that a student’s grade depends upon many other factors, including a student's health, family situation and the stresses of poverty and hence putting the onus of the grades on a teacher is completely irrelevant. The teacher’s strike brought to the fore the issue of effectiveness of the evaluation Process: The effectiveness of CPS’s evaluation process will depend on a number of factors like achievement of strategic goals through individual performance expectation. The approach of the Performance Management system is to link the strategic organizational goals with individual performance, So basically, the government in order to improve the overall performance of the...
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