Chicago Poems Review

Topics: Poetry, Carl Sandburg, Rhyme Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: March 10, 2002
While reading the Chicago Poems by Carl Sandburg I got the feeling as though I was in the early 1920's. I was able to know what life was like back then and how the people of the time felt about the events that were going on around them. He wrote what he was experiencing during the First World War and how death was realized by this generation for the first time. This work was quite efficient in doing what it needed to do. It is difficult for a poet to convey a single message in a collection of poems, but there are a vast number of poems each with different messages. Although there is no single large message, he expresses each individual poem well. For example in the poem Happiness, I think that the author was trying to say that happiness does not come just to the wealthy, even the poor will find something that makes them happy. And in the war poem Buttons Sandburg expresses how one move of piece on a map by one man has left thousands of men dead. The message is clear in every poem. Sandburg uses a lot of figurative language in his poems. The word selection he uses is that of slightly more advanced words. He uses no rhyming pattern in his poems. There are not a lot of verbs in his poems, mainly a lot of adjectives, and there he does not use complete sentences. I recommend reading Chicago Poems by Carl Sandburg. It is a very broad collection of poems that deal with every topic from cities to war. I feel that Sandburg is a great author and this is one of his greatest works and it is really worth the time that it takes to read this great collection of amazing poems.
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