Chicago Annotation/Interactive Analysis of Text

Topics: City, Carl Sandburg, The Reader Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Chicago Annotation/Interactive Analysis of Text
Summary: In the poem “Chicago” by “Carl Sandburg” he starts with giving the readers an image of what Chicago is like with the different types of jobs and the things the citizens do in their daily lives. At the start of the poem Sandburg explains what people would see in a daily life at Chicago, such as Tool making, farming and swine wholesale dealers. This shows that the city is full of vigorous people and that they always try to look strong towards the other cities around them by being organized and hard working. Then he tells us the unpleasant scenes that go around Chicago such as murdering and sexual immodesties, because he wants to show that Chicago does have “the bad side” and that they are not a perfect city. Sandburg then decides to remind us the brightening and the defenders of the unwanted scenes in Chicago. He has given examples such, “coarse and strong”, “bold” and “bragging”, showing us that Chicago is a strong, hard working and proud city to be in. He also presents us with an example that says, “Building, breaking, rebuilding”. This tells the readers that Chicago tries their best and immediately fixes not only buildings but also the people in Chicago and distasteful parts about it. This concludes that Chicago is a city with both ups and downs, but they are still proud of who they are and what they do. Theme: Cities can be shown their bad side towards visitors, but without really knowing the city you will not be able to see the things that the city is highly proud of what they do in their daily lives. Use of Techniques from the Author:

1. In line 31 it presents with the consonance “Building, breaking, rebuilding”. This is affective to the reader because it gives a rhythm and a pleasant sound to the reader. It tells us that the line is important too, because it shows us how Chicago would handle problems and how strong they are with handling them. 2. How the author sets the poem is...
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