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Top 10 Best 10 Worst 10 Most Popular in India
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Thursday, 4 July 2013

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Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India
Here we are with list of Top 10 most polluted City in India with their Pollution indexes. List is prepared after many research of various groups and organization. We are only publishing this list. What is Pollution Index : Pollution Index is an estimation of the overall pollution in the city. The biggest weight is given to air pollution, than to water pollution/accessibility, two main pollution factors. Small weight is given to other pollution types. What is Exponential : Pollution Index Pollution Exp Scale is using an exponential scale to show very high numbers for very polluted cities, and very low numbers for unpolluted cities. Therefore to calculate formula it uses the exponential function to calculate the index.

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Top 10 Most polluted City in India
10. Chennai (Tamil Nadu) India Rank in India : 10th Rank in World : 55th Chennai one of the metropolitan city in India is 10th most polluted city in India also. Chennai is capital of southern state of India Tamil Nadu. Pollution Index of Chennai is 76.6 and Exponential Pollution index of Chennai is 139.21. In terms of industrial development Chennai is one of the most developed city in India and thus its is one of the main reason of this much pollution. City is situated on coastal area of Bay of Bengal and if it is still in the list of top 10 most polluted city in India then it is something to be worried about. Chennai is 55th most polluted city in World 9. Delhi India Rank in India : 9th Rank in World : 53rd Delhi is Capital of India and is 9th in the list of most polluted city of India. For many this is surprising that it ranks much lower than expected...
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