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Prohibition-era musical based on a 1926 play of female criminals in Chicago. It is a tale of sin, corruption, knockout dancing, and edge-of-your-story showstoppers that explore feminism as well as the relationship between sex and marriage. Not only does it entail social issues, but the changes in theatre too.

Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly are main characters of the musical. The plot follows them throughout their journey to freedom desperately trying to keep fame to their names with scandals and drama. (1920s)

Based on a 1926 play by Maurine Dallas Watkins. A claimed reason for its more recent success is due to the way she crafted the play, with musical numbers as the plot.
Watkin’s set the foundation on the Kander and Ebb production because she made personal. Events that occurred within the musical, are historical events that actually happened in Chicago that she wrote about first hand as a reporter in the 1920s. It is composed in the 1920s vaudeville style, but modernized by the issues at hand. The issues of society along with the feminist views exhibit Chicago’s impact in the history of musical theatre.

Emphasized show-biz and media, showing its large role in the 1970s happenings.
The vaudeville style effected the music heavily. Stylistically, vaudeville brings not only drama, but comedy in the duration of the short acts. All That Jazz is an example of this.

Everything Comes Together:
The lyrics work beautifully with the choreography to create the thematic essence that is necessary in a successful satirical musical. The plot is intricately intertwined with these two aspects to emphasize its uniqueness. The dancing seems more modern whereas the music is classic jazz, but it adds to the originality that is Chicago. It is a timeless musical. Humor. The relationships between men and women within the play are being implicitly exhibited.

Creative Team:
Witty lyrics, funky rhythms, jazzy
Risk-aye choreography for the time...
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