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Directions for developing the Rogerian argument

The goal of the Rogerian Argument is find a consensus – a compromise – between opposing points of view. To help you develop your Rogerian argument, I have divided the assignment into three parts. You will receive points for each part:

*The first part of the Rogerian Argument assignment is Exercise I, stating a position and an alternative position, assumptions and support as shown in an annotated bibliography (40 points)

*The second part of the Rogerian Argument assignment is Exercise 2, stating shared values of opposing positions (40 points)

*The third part of the Rogerian Argument assignment, is
the formal Rogerian Argument (150 points)

In addition, you will receive 20 points for submitting your formal Rogerian argument in class for editing before you turn in your formal argument for grading

Your formal Rogerian argument is to be a typed argument not more than three pages long. The format for the argument will follow the rules set by the Modern Language Association (MLA). The three-page limit does not include the Works Cited page you must attach as the last page of your argument.

The formal argument is due April 18. With regard to the due date, there will be no excuses for late submissions. You have a long period of time to complete this argument, so, short of sudden surgery or amnesia, you should be able easily to turn in your work after an edit on April 16.


Your name
My name
ENC 1102 – Final Draft (course identification)
18 April 2013 (date you submit your argument)

Here are details of your Rogerian Argument Assignment:
The goal of this assignment is for you to master the thinking and writing process for developing a Rogerian argument – an argument that finds a consensus between opposing points of view.

The topic for this argument will be determined by the class.

Exercise 1: Establish your position on the issue selected in class and find an authoritative article or report that you think will add strength to your argument. As you develop your claim, you must also look for support for your point of view from the Tallahassee Community College library databases.

NOTE: Your ID card must be activated by the Reference Desk, if you are to access sources required for this assignment.

In addition, identify the assumptions your audience must have if you are to be persuasive. For example, the most pressing assumption for one point of view about gun control is the belief that people have a right to protect themselves.

Exercise 1 also requires that you look at the alternative argument, the argument of those who disagree with your position. Look at reading selections in the textbook and TCC databases that support this alternative point of view.

So, in Exercise 1, you will use an MLA heading to submit:
A sentence stating the wording of your position and the wording of an alternative position Assumptions that must be held by people who would agree with the first position and assumptions held by those who would disagree with it. An annotated bibliography of textbook and TCC database support for your position and textbook and TCC database support for the alternative position

Exercise 1 is worth 40 points and is due April 9

Exercise 2: Now comes the fun part: I think the process for finding common ground, or shared values, is the most challenging aspect of the Rogerian argument. The procedure is to look at both sides of the issue in hopes of finding some sort of common ground. So begin by identifying values of one side that could be shared by the other.

Here’s an example:
Proponents claim that Twitter is beneficial for several reasons. Opponents claim that twitter is not beneficial for several reasons. Proponents clearly see benefits of news, and staying connected socially and business wise, and opponents share those values: marriage, love and commitment in the eyes of the law. Both sides...
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