Chewing Gum

Topics: Gum, Mass, Chewing gum Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Purpose: To find the percent of sugar by mass in chewing gum

Hypothesis: The percentage of chewing gum that is sugar for bubble gum is 30%, 20% for juicy fruit and 25% for stride gum.

Mass Of Juicy Fruit Mass Of Bubble Gum Mass of Juicy Fruit unchewed | 7.12g- 1.72 = 5.4 g | 5.80g- 1.72g = 4.08 | 4.52g- 1.72g = 2.80g | chewed | 3.00g- 1.72g= 1.28g | 2.24g-1.72g =0.52g | 2.86g-1.72g= 1.14g | Percent of Sugar | 3.00g x 100/ 5.4 = 55.5% | 2.24g x 100/ 4.08 = 54.9% | 2.86g x 100/ 2.80 = 102.1% |

2. The average percent of sugar in my gum was 70.8%. Compared to my classmates data our average percentage of sugar was higher than most people in the class. This was due to the high percentage of sugar in juicy fruit. There may have been a source of error in weighing the juicy fruit. 3. Juicy Fruit

7.12g-3.00g= 4.12g
4.12g x 4.1g=17 Therefore I got 17 calories from chewing a piece of gum.
4. Juicy Fruit
2.26 kg x 1000 = 2260 g
2260g/ 3.00g = 753.3 Therefore 753.3 Juicy Fruit gums could be produced. 5. Juicy Fruit
753.3 x $0.05= $37. 66 Therefore $37.66 would be generated.
6. Factors to be considered to determine if the bubble gum business if profitable is the taste and the quantity of gum in each package.

The mass of the gum before it was chewed was 5.4g for the stride gum, 4.08g for the bubble gum and 2.80g for the Juicy Fruit including the cup mass. After it was chewed the stride gum had a mass of 3.00g, the bubble gum has a mass of 2.24 g and the Juicy Fruit has a mass of 2.86g including the cup. Juicy Fruit has the highest percentage of sugar and the stride and bubble gum had very close percentages of sugar with each other. Some sources of error could have been in weighing the gum's masses ,calculating the percentages of sugar and extracting the sugar from the gum when chewed.
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