Chewing Food

Topics: Digestion, Nutrition, Digestive system Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Benefits of chewing your food and side effects from NOT chewing your food.

Chew Your Food SLOWLY

When people think digestion they most often think of intestines and their stomach. The truth is that the digestion process actually begins in the mouth. The process of chewing is a vital component of the digestive process. The action of chewing mechanically breaks down very large amounts of food molecules into smaller particles. This results in food having increased in surface area, an important contributing factor to good digestion. Chewing your food well allows the food to be exposed to your saliva for a longer period of time. Food’s being in contact with saliva is not just important because it helps to lubricate the food, allowing for less stress on your esophagus, but because saliva contains enzymes that contribute to the chemical process of digestion. Carbohydrate digestion begins with enzymes in your saliva breaking down some of the chemical bonds that connect the simple sugars that comprise starches. Also, the first stage of fat digestion begins in your mouth with the secretion of enzymes by glands located under the tongue.

So what are some benefits to chewing your food thoroughly?

1. Aids in the proper transport of nutrients in your body. 2. Helps start the important digestive process which is important to being healthy. 3. You are more than likely to not eat as much by eating thoroughly. When you are eating slower, your brain can tell you that you are full, causing you to eat less. 4. Helps to prevent the heavy feeling that sometimes follows a meal and it also will help you lose body fat since you are not eating as much What are some of the side effects of not chewing thoroughly?

1. Poorly digested food means poor absorption of the vitamins and nutrients that the foods you are eating provide. 2. Eating rapidly and swallowing large mouthfuls contributes to the reflux which can damage the lining of the throat and esophagus....
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