Topics: Genetically modified organism, Human, Multinational companies Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: October 23, 2013
 There are some worldwide companies (big and recognized companies) that have grown because of their effort, their sales, their contribution to society, the use of their products that some times are a basic part of life of the human beings today; these few characteristics that I´ve mentioned of why some of the companies are known around the world are the ones that we have seen somewhere or heard from someone, the ones that people or advertising tell us to believe that these companies do, but sometimes there is another story behind all these advertising of people smiling while they´re using the products from these companies, there are the stories that they don´t want to tell because they don´t want us to know HOW the achieve many of their big goals that have created their fortune. This research is to show you some of these hidden stories (FACTS) that companies try to hide, to show you what are you really eating while they say it´s healthy food, to show you how many lifes (not only human lifes, but entire environmental sectors) have cost just for a tank of oil for your cars, to show you how MONEY can be more valuable for some companies that entire communities health; in these research we´ll be talking about Chevron and Monsanto; Chevron as one of the biggest multinational companies in the oil, gas and geothermal industry, and Monsanto, a company that modify genetically the food in order for it to be more abundant and healthy.

First let´s talk about Chevron, this big company, as it is mentioned before, is known for their production of oil, gas and geothermal products, they say that they are focused in “protecting the environment and supporting the communities”1, having said this, it´s good to mention a very well known event through the world, this case happened years ago in Ecuador, when Chevron (As Texaco) implemented the production of their products in the Amazonic region of this country. Because of process of getting the oil that is under the ground, it...

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