Chesty Puller

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Chesty Puller, Battle of Chosin Reservoir Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller
By: Jeffrey Edinger

Lewis Burwell Puller was born on June 26th, 1898. He was born in West Point, Virginia, to his mother Martha and his father Matthew Puller. Lewis grew up listening to old Civil War Veterans talk about the military because his father died when he was only ten years old. He soon wanted to join the United States Army in 1916, but could not because he was too young and his mother would not sign him off. A year later he began to attend Virginia Military Institute, but left a year after enlisting in the institute. Lewis left because he went to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in Paris Islands, South Carolina. Although, Lewis joined the Marines towards the end of World War I, he did not attend in any battle. Soon after graduating boot camp he soon attended Officer Candidates School (OCS), in Quantico, Virginia. After, graduating OCS on June 16th, 1919, Lewis was given the ranking of Second Lieutenant in the Reserves. The amount of soldiers in the force reduced from 73,000 men to 1,100 men. After being inactive for ten days, every soldier that was inactive was given the ranking of Corporal. When Lewis was a Corporal he was ordered to serve in the Gendarmerie d'Haiti as a lieutenant. He was involved in forty encounters in Haiti. He tried to regain his office rank twice,...
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