chesapeake society ap us history

Topics: Slavery, African slave trade, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Chapter 4- storyline
The Chesapeake said life was nasty, brutish, and short because there were diseases, the climate was unhealthy and life expectancy was less than 20 years of age. Although life was unhealthy for humans, it was healthy enough to grow tobacco. They didn’t have anybody to plant the tobacco because life expectancy was short and people were dying because of the harsh diseases, so they got indentured servants, who were people who voluntarily mortgaged the sweat of their bodies for several years to their masters in return for a transatlantic passage, and freedom dues, a process in which indentured servants received after they served there Chesapeake masters, a few barrels of corn, a suit of clothes and a small parcel of land. Even after the Indentured Servants were freed, they didn’t have anywhere to go so they hired themselves back out to the masters. Mostly the young freeman was frustrated by their hopes of acquiring land. The governor was William Berkeley who had friendly policies toward the Indians and he refused to retaliate for a series of Indian attacks on frontier settlements, so Nathaniel Bacon who was a twenty nine year old freeman planter, and also the leader of the Bacon’s Rebellion in which Nathaniel and his followers chased governor William Berkeley out of Jamestown and fell murderously upon the Indians and also torched the capital. When Nathaniel Bacon and his followers had died of sudden disease, and the Bacon Rebellion had died down, Governor William Berkeley returned to Jamestown and killed off more than 20 rebels. Lord planters looked out for less rebeling or trouble laborers to toil in the restless tobacco kingdom, that’s when they fell upon Africa. 10 million Africans were carried in chains to the new world in the three centuries. Only 400,000 of them ended up in North America after arriving in 1700s. The black slaves outnumbered most white servants by the mid 1680’s. So in 1698 the Royal African Company first charted in...
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