Chesapeake Colonies Vs. New England Colonies

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Quinn Anderson
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Chesapeake Colonies vs New England Colonies
In 1607, the first permanent English colony was established in North America. This settlement was known as Jamestown, and it paved the way for future English colonies. Originally, the first settlements were established for monetary reasons, future colonies, namely the New England colonies, were established as religious havens for various groups. These first few settlements, Virginia and Maryland, also known as the Chesapeake colonies, were seen as a way to become rich in a new, unexplored world.

The Chesapeake colonies were initially founded with profit in mind, and had nothing much to do with religion. They were located in the area around the Chesapeake bay, hence the name. Their major cities were all located near rivers or other bodies of water, to allow for quick transportation of goods. In the beginning, the average settler was a gentleman unaccustomed to hard labor, with very few women or children around. Over time however, indentured servants and families made the journey, and later African slaves began to take over the hard labor jobs, and become a significant portion of the population. The economy of the Chesapeake colonies was based almost entirely on agriculture, with the major export being a special strain of tobacco developed by John Rolfe. The Chesapeake colonies were especially notable for Virginia's House of Burgesses, the first representative assembly, something that was unheard of in the colonies. Although they had more freedom than most other colonies, Virginia was still a royal colony, under direct control of the royal governor, and Maryland was a proprietary colony. While Virginia was founded for monetary reasons, Maryland was initially planned to be a haven for English Catholics, although very few Catholics actually moved to Maryland. The Church of England was the established church in Virginia, making it the most common religion. In 1649...
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