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Characterization: Characterization is the way in which the author lets the reader know what the individuals in a story are like. There are two main types of characterization:

Direct Characterization: The author tells the reader what characters are like through description.

Indirect Characterization: The author shows the reader what characters are like through their thoughts, their speech, their actions, and the reactions of other characters to them.

Character Motivation: Character motivation is the reason for the character’s actions. Creating characters with realistic motives helps readers identify with and believe in them. Sometimes, a writer directly states a character’s motive. More often, however, a writer will provide clues, and the reader must determine on his or her own why a character acts in a certain way.

Conflict: Conflict is the problem or struggle a character faces in a piece of literature. There are four main types of conflict:

Character vs. Character: One character causes a problem for another character that hurts or upsets him/her.

Character vs. Nature: Weather conditions or an animal creates a survival problem for a character.

Character vs. Society: A c haracter or a group of characters are in conflict with a society's social traditions or beliefs.

Character vs. Self: A character struggles to make a moral decision or struggles to discover who he/she is.

Figurative Language: Figurative language is any language that is not intended to be interpreted in a strict, literal sense. There are several types of figurative language:

Metaphor: The author makes a comparison between two unlike things without using “like” or “as.”
Simile: The author makes a comparison between two unlike things using “like” or “as.”
Personification: The author gives non-human objects human qualities.

Flashback: A flashback is a scene that takes the reader back in time from the current point in the story....
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