Cherokee Removal

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Georgia Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: June 29, 2009
The Removal of the Cherokee Tribe

Since the early 1700’s, land between the Native Americans and the European settlers have been full of constant battles. Population of the Europeans increases as more settlers expand on the economy, making less room for the land to settle on. During the westward expansion, the Cherokees biggest threat comes from Georgia and their persuasion against congress and the desire to run off the Cherokee. Cherokees have been on the American land possible forever and at no stop will Georgia let them have any room on their territory. Because congress was so weak, the desire for Cherokee land was abundant and congress could not help the Cherokee people.

As the increase of the United States population grew, more land opportunities became scarce. With growing dependence in Georgia on slavery and congress working on a proposal for anti-slavery law, one way they could avoid pro-slavery increase in the House of Representatives is to increase the number of white eligible farmers and to get rid of Cherokees. Cherokee’s and other Indians were seen as colored and not equal to white men, therefore, useless to the voting count in Georgia. This made people in Georgia take the progression of the state issue and evict the Cherokees.

The Cherokee resisted and attempted to defend their rights. The Cherokee had an agreement on a land cessation in 1819, and it concluded that the Cherokees would cede no more land. Georgia tired to revoke their civil rights so the Cherokee’s had to bring in the United States Supreme Court for protection. “In 1832, when the court ruled in favor of Cherokee sovereignty in Worcester V. Georgia, the state refused to respond to the court’s decision. Furthermore, Georgia went ahead with a land lottery, enacted into law in 1830, that provided for the distribution of Cherokee territory to Georgia citizens…no one seemed to have the power and the will to help the Cherokee.”1 The Georgians were winning leaving...
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