Cherica Adams and Ray Curruth

Topics: Rae Carruth, Carolina Panthers, Crime Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Name Ivy Bowie
Professor Hanna Bloink
Subject Critical thinking
Date 7/9/2013

The Murder of Cherica Adams, and the involvement of former NFL star Rae Carruth raised several issues. The case the prosecutor made was that former NFL star Rae Carruth conspired with three accomplices to trap and shoot Cherica Adams because she was pregnant with Carruth’s child. (Andrusko) (Fryer). One of the issues involved in this case is the question of equal justice for all races in America. This is known to be a long-standing problem. The figures show that, on the whole, more minorities are convicted than white people. The two sides are that minorities commit more crimes and that the entire justice system from the police to the parole boards is slated against minorities. (AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION - DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) The courts try to deliver justice in each and every case that comes before them, but in a situation where some of the inequality starts with education and legal employment problems it is difficult. I believe that this is a case where race had nothing to do with Rae Carruth’s ultimate conviction for conspiracy to commit murder. I believe this because although there is conflicting evidence the majority of it points to Carruth’s guilt and participation in the conspiracy to murder Cherica Adams. Van Brett Watkins “…told a jailer he shot Adams because he was mad at Carruth and because Adams made an obscene gesture at him from her car.” (Fryer). Carruth’s family testified and spoke out of court about how, although he had no intention of marrying the mother, he welcomed and intended to support the child. As evidence of this, they point out how he helped select and paid for nursery furniture and other baby items. In this I see Watkins confession as being the stronger argument. It is much harder to believe he is innocent just because his mother says so. On the other hand, from the 911 call to...

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