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This Wood Properties Sheet is issued by Colonial Trading Company Pty. Ltd. The information contained herein has been sourced from trusted industry technical information that is public domain. We have endeavoured to ensure the information presented to be as accurate as possible, and this Wood Properties Sheet must not be altered, deleted or added to. Colonial Trading Company will issue an updated Sheet when there is a change in specifications and/or Industry guidelines/regulations.


This native to Malaysia and Thailand, Chengal is a dense hardwood often referred to as the Rolls Royce of tropical hardwood timbers. It is not commercially available in Australia and is rarely seen. Small pin-holes, caused by ambrosia beetles boring into the living trees, are a common and characteristic defect of chengal. These small holes are often numerous, but although unsightly, they are only in exceptional cases sufficiently numerous to impair the strength of the timber. These ambrosia beetles die when the timber is seasoned and thus the damage is restricted almost entirely to that which occurs in the green timber. With the exception of pin holes, the timber of chengal is free from knots and other defects characteristic of sawn timber. Pre-drilling is advisable when nailing.

Chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii) is used for heavy construction, shipbuilding, and heavy duty furniture. DESCRIPTION

Botanical Name:

Neobalanocarpus heimiiatica

Common Name:


Species Type:

Heavy Hardwood

Other Names:



Sapwood is well-defined. When freshly sawn the heartwood is light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish tinge, darkening on exposure to dark Purple- brown or rust red. Grain is interlocked. Texture is fine and even. Vessels are with simple perforations and medium-sized, mostly solitary but with a few arranged radially in radial pairs and multiples of 2 to 4; evenly distributed without any clear arrangement and filled with...
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