Chemistry Personal Statement

Topics: Scientific method, Mathematics, General Certificate of Secondary Education Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Personal Statement
The decision to study a Masters degree in Chemistry at university stemmed from my studies of chemistry at GCSE. As someone who is naturally inquisitive, I have found that chemistry is a subject which seems to explain the world around me. This interest in chemistry has been encouraged by frequent visits to the Heart Hospital in London from a young age. Through this, I have developed a particular interest in the workings of medical equipment, especially learning about the theory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its practical application in MRI, and the technological advancements that can still be developed using chemistry-based research. This was further strengthened by a visit to Bristol University’s spectroscopy department this September – being able to experience and visualise what I have learnt during A-levels has increased my interest greatly. I have decided to take the route of a Masters course so that I can further my chemistry knowledge and to prepare myself for future PhD Research. For me, chemistry is the paramount scientific subject, one which explains the visible aspects of science. It underpins the theory of my biological studies and even though I find physics an interesting subject; I find the ideas intangible in comparison to the knowledge of the chemistry you can see. Studying chemistry at A-Level has been extremely beneficial to my scientific knowledge, especially alongside biology and maths A-Levels; the problem-solving and calculating skills that I have developed from studying A-Level maths will help with not only the mathematics module in the first year of this course, but my ability to analyse quantitatively and interpret graphs and results will also support the chemistry degree as a whole. My biology A-level has also shown me the applications of chemistry and supported my learning in modules such as the ‘Thread of Life’ module, one of my most favourable modules of the chemistry course, and something I am looking forward...
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