Chemistry - Neils Bohr

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Niels Bohr
Full Name: Niels Henrik David Bohr
Date of Birth: 7th October, 1885
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
Date of Death: 18th November, 1962
A young Niels Bohr while he was studying at Gammelholm Grammar School Niels Bohr was a prominent physicist in his time. He made large contributions to the field of quantum mechanics and also in the understanding of atomic structure. Niels Bohr worked on the well known Manhattan Project, and received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922. Niels Bohr is still remembered today for his research in quantum mechanics, nuclear physics and atomic structure. Bohr became well known in the scientific community when he received a Nobel Prize in the field of Physics in 1922 for his work in investigating the structure of atoms and their radiation. He worked on and improved the Rutherford model to create his own Bohr model of atom structure. The Bohr model shows the nucleus of an atom being quite small and positively charged. The electrons surround the nucleus, just like a model of the solar system, but instead of gravity being the force holding things together, in the Bohr model, it is electrostatic forces. This picture on the left shows a classic case of the Bohr model. In this model, the electron jumps from the third orbit to the second, and in the process, it absorbs or emits an amount of electrostatic energy. This is explained by the formula ∆E=hv, where it shows that the change in the orbital of the electron(∆E) results in electrostatic energy (hv). The Bohr Model

Bohr’s main tool in designing the Bohr model would have to have been a spectrograph. A spectrograph is kind of like a simple triangular prism. It separates the different wavelengths of light. When you separate these wavelengths, patterns of sharp lines appear. Atoms emit a certain wavelength of light, so you could observe the light emitted and then conclude what element it was. Bohr did exactly that and then analysed the waves to go to find a pattern. He...

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