Chemistry Investigation Lab: Conductivity of Ionic Solutions

Pages: 4 (949 words) Published: December 14, 2010
John Abarshi
Mr Meinsma
December 14, 2010
Conductivity of Ionic solutions
This lab report is about the conductivity of ionic solutions. In class we have been discussing wether all ionic solutions conduct equally well. If an solvent solution conducts electricity, then it must contain ions. So measuring the conductance of solutions can tell you whether the solutes in the solution are dissociated into ions. (Conductivity) Any type of solution, even ionic solutions, provide resistance to the flow of current through it. (Conductivity) High resistance means low conductivity; low resistance means high conductivity. So we can say that in ionic solutions the resistance is less. The resistance and conductivity can be calculated by measuring the voltage applied and the current flowing. The research question that describes my experiment best is ; ... blab ... bla. ... . To find that out we must know what factors might influence the conductivity of ionic solutions. We have been made to create our own variables which we will carry out in an experiment. This experiments should help us answer the research question which is aforementioned. There are many factors which could influence the conductivity of ionic substances. For instance the position and depth of the electrode used to transfer the electricity to the solution could have an effect on wether ionic solutions can conduct well or not. While it is proven that Ionic solutions dissolve in water and can conduct electricity the dissolve poorly in any other solution. In my experiment I will use four different solvents which I will test with the five ionic solutions I have hand picked.

Controlled variables: Voltage used, amount solvent, amount of ionic substance used per dissolvent, temperature in which the experiment is being done Independent variable: Dissolvent
Dependent variable: Ionic solution

Measuring Cylinder 100 ml

Cited: Conductivity. University of Southern Maine. Web. 29 Oct. 2010. .
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