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“New indoor shooting range ready to open”

This article is mainly about a local shooting range that just opened and is ready for shooters. Stephen Stewart’s C.I. Shooting Sports, 700 Wylie Drive, in the Crossroads Center, has 16 shooting lanes – all rifle-rated, he said. He also comments, “You’re looking at the best range equipment made.” The bullets are slowed and stopped by chunky rubber at the other end of the shooting range. Stewart describes it as “shooting into a bed of rice.” This brand new facility also has a very complex air system. It has an air defuser that filters air coming in, pushes it through the range, pulls spent gases away, and filters it again before releasing it outside. It has more than 500 firearms available for purchase. The prices range from $300 to $4,000 for handguns, and $200 to $4,000 for shotguns. The handguns will be showcased in glass cases that can be covered with metal flaps and locked overnight, while the long guns will be displayed on the walls. Seventy of these guns are available for rental and trying out before purchasing. There’s also a classroom for training in conceal and carry, basic personal defense and advanced personal defense classes. Sometime in the near future there will also be a simulator room which will give you the opportunity to virtually experience and respond to more than 400 deadly force scenarios. C.I. Shooting Sports will not only have guns for sale, but also an expanded clothing line. They have 5.11 Tactical apparel and accessories for men and women, plus gear for a variety of outdoor sports and first responders.
The chemistry related question I have come up with for this article is, “What chemical qualities of rubber make it a good barrier at the end of the shooting lanes?” This question connects to the article because the new range uses rubber to slow the bullets at the end of their shooting lanes. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, rubber is an elastic

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