Chemistry Experiment

Topics: Temperature, Volume, Liquid Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Lab Report
Experiment 1 & 2

Amele Takpara
Partner: Jessamyn Dupree
Experiment 1
(Pre-Lab Questions)

1. In the design of a Bunsen burner, explain the purpose of
a. the gas control valve
The gas control valve regulates the rate at which methane enters the burner.

b. and the air vents.
The air vents control the rate at which air enters the burner

2. Why is a luminous yellow flame often ‘‘smoky’’?
The luminous yellow flame is smoky because no air is entering the burner and hydrocarbon is converted into carbon dioxide

3. A student wanted 20.000 g of a salt. Which balance should the student use in order to obtain the most accurate quantity: a platform triple beam balance, a single pan, triple beam balance, or a top-loading balance? Explain your answer. Between those 3 types of balances, the top loading balance would provide the highest level of accuracy. So the student should go with the top-loading one . . as long as the maximum capacity of the balance being used exceeds 20 g. Otherwise, he should use the single pan, triple beam balance, which has a capacity of 311g and provides a higher level of accuracy compared to the platform triple beam balance.

4. Explain the difference between precision and accuracy?
Precision is a determination of the reproducibility of a measurement. It tells how closely several measurements agree with one another. Accuracy, on the other hand, is a measure of how closely the value determined agrees with a known or accepted value; and accuracy is subject to systematic errors. Accuracy refers to a standard whereas precision does not.

5. Solve the following problems and record the answers to the proper number of significant figures. a. 21.65 - 3.2 = 18.4
b. 4.01 / (4.583 + 2.108) = 0.59
c. 6.15 / 1.2 = 5.1
d. 2.26 x 21.43 = 48.43

Experiment 2...
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