Chemistry Essay

Topics: Magnesium, Flame Pages: 2 (278 words) Published: December 10, 2010
To investigate the mass changes involved in burning magnesium metal.


Stirring rod
Retort stand
Ring clamp
Clay triangle
Crucible and lid

Bunsen burner
Flint lighter
Crucible tongs
40 cm of magnesium ribbon


1.Find the mass of a clean crucible and lid. USE THE SAME BALANCE DURING THE ENTIRE EXPERIMENT. 2.Curl the magnesium ribbon around a pencil to make a size that just fits inside the crucible. Do not curl the ribbon too tightly. 3.Describe the magnesium ribbon.

4.Find the mass of the crucible, lid and magnesium ribbon.
5.Set the crucible containing the magnesium ribbon on the clay triangle supported by a ring clamp as previously demonstrated. Place the lid on the crucible so that is a little off centre. 6.Light a Bunsen burner and place it below the crucible so that the bottom of the crucible is at the hottest part of the flame. (blue part) 7.Heat for 10 minutes.

8.Turn off the Bunsen burner and let the crucible cool for 5 min before moving. 9.Using a crucible tongs, remove the crucible from the ring clamp and place it on the lab bench. Using a glass rod, stir the contents. Do this carefully so that no ash is lost. 10.Heat the crucible and contents for another 10 minutes.

11.Turn off the Bunsen burner and let the crucible cool for 5 min before moving. 12.Find the mass of the crucible, lid and ash after cooling for 5 minutes. 13.Describe the appearance of the ash.

14.Clean the crucible. Tightly wrap the ash in paper towel and put it in the garbage.

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