Chemistry and Society

Topics: Accuracy and precision, Measurement, Chemistry Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Chemistry and Society
Chemistry 110
March 17, 2012

Chemistry is very important in our lives even though we may not realize that chemistry is everywhere. This paper serves to examine the ways in which chemistry is relevant in everyday life and in society. It will also examine the difference between accuracy and precision and provide examples of when accuracy and precision are crucial in measurements and why society depends on these measurements to be accurate and precise ( Tam 2012). Chemistry in Society

When we turn on the tap and fill a glass with water and drink it, we are benefitting from the chemical process that removes impurities from water, providing us with clean drinking water. When we use a laundry detergent to remove a stubborn stain from clothing, we are able to do so because of a chemical reaction. The medicines that heal us are a result of a chemical reaction within our bodies. The time-released medicines that we take, delay certain chemical reactions until our bodies need them. There are chemical reactions happening around us every second of every day. Chemistry also plays a role in assuring that we protect and preserve our planet. Green chemistry or sustainable chemistry is the branch of chemistry that focuses on ways to reduce the damage to our environment through waste prevention, proper waste disposal, and identifying renewable energy sources (Ravichandran, 2011).

Precision vs. Accuracy
Precision is the state of being exact and the ability of a measurement to be reproduced consistently (“precision”, n.d.). Accuracy is the freedom from mistakes that arise as a result of being careful (“accuracy”, n.d.). Precision incorporates the element of time whereas accuracy is the correctness of a single event. You can achieve precision if you do something accurately and consistently over time. In science, the precision of a number lies in the number of reported digits. The greatest amount of precision of measurement...

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