Chemistry And Danger Zones

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen Pages: 4 (572 words) Published: February 14, 2015
What sort of thing form in chemical reactions?
Products are the finished product of a chemical equation, and reactants are what make up the products. ( atoms, matter, molecules, energy, rate, temperature)

Name some compounds:
H2O (Hydrogen and Oxygen elements - Water)
CH4 (Carbon and Hydrogen elements - Methane)
NaCl (Sodium Chloride- salt)
Different types of compounds:
Metal + Metal = Metallic Compound
Metal + Non-Metal = Ionic compound
Non-Metal + Non-Metal = Covalent compound

Different types of reactions:
Metal+ non-metal ionic compound
Non-metal + non-metal covalent compound
Metal + metal metallic compound

Respiration, oxidation, photosynthesis and precipitation:
Respiration- oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide and water are given out Oxidation- a loss of electrons and a increase in oxygen
Photosythesis- converting light energy into glucose
Precipitation- to create a solid into a solution

Protons neutrons and electrons :
Protons are positive with a mass of 0.99
Neutrons have no charge and have a mass of 1
Electrons have a negative charge and a mass of 0.0005

What is PH:
A scale that measurers how acidic or alkaline a substance if from 0 to 14

Types of disasters:
Man made disasters- Garbage patch, plants, bombs, factories, oil spills Natural disasters- Cyclone, tsunami, volcanoes, flood, hurricane, earthquake

Mercalli scale- intensity (observe
Richter scale- magnitude ( measuring sesmic waves)
What scale is used to measure earthquakes:
Seismometer/ seismograph- record earthquakes
Seismogram- a graph

What are earthquakes?

P s
Violent shaking on the ground

Tectonic drift theory:
the continental drift theory is the theory that once all the continents were joined in a super-continent, which scientists call Pangaea. Over a vast period of time, the continents drifted apart to their current locations. Alfred Wegener first supported continental drift.

What is the study of...
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