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Beanium Investigation
The purpose of this investigation was to find the average atomic mass for the element Beanium with three isotopes. The average atomic mass is the average mass of the atoms of the element divided by the total number of atoms. An isotope is an atom with the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons; they are different forms of a single element. Since we knew the isotopes had almost the same amount of sub-atomic particles, we made our hypothesis the following: If the sub-atomic particles are almost exact in amount the total mass, average mass, relative abundance, percent abundance, and the relative mass were also going to be almost exact. The materials for this exquisite investigation were:

* Disposable cup
* “Beanium”
* Triple beam balance.
Our procedures were:
1. Obtain the materials.
2. Count out the sub-atomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) of the three Beanium isotopes. 3. Find the mass of each isotope.
4. Calculate the average mass of each isotope.
5. Calculate the relative abundance of each isotope.
6. Calculate the percent abundance of each isotope.
7. Calculate the relative mass of each isotope.
8. Add the relative mass of each isotope to find the average atomic mass of the element Beanium. 9. Record our data on a graph.
According to our calculations this is our graph:
| Isotope #1 “19”| Isotope #2 “20”| Isotope #3 “21”| # of each isotope| 20P 19N 20E| 20P 20N 20E| 20P 21N 20E| Total mass of each Isotope | 9.3g| 8.5g| 8g|
Average mass of each Isotope| .24g| .21g| .2g|
Relative abundance of each Isotope| 2.05| 2| 2.05|
% abundance of each Isotope| 205| 200| 205|
Relative mass of each Isotope| .49| .42| .41|

In the experiment, we calculated the mass, average mass, relative abundance, percent abundance, and relative mass of each isotope. Our hypothesis was: if the sub-atomic particles are almost...
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