Chemical Warfare

Topics: Incapacitating agent, Chemical warfare, World War II Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Chemical Warfare
I. Introduction
Does it seem like you can’t keep up the way you use to four years ago? Do you get easily frustrated than you use too. Than I am here to inform you about Chemical Warfare. We explore this topic by finding out “what is Chemical Warfare. Next we will explain and understand how Chemical Warfare works. Last we will discuss how to protect against Chemical Warfare. Use II. What is Chemical Warfare?

A. Definition of Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare?
B. Types of Chemical Warfare (Agents)
1 Harassing Agents
Tear Agents
Vomiting Agents
1. Incapacitating Agents
Psychological Agents
Others (Kolokol-Tranquilier)
Transition: Now since we explore the different types of Chemical Warfare and what is chemical warfare. Let’s explain and understand how chemical warfare works. III. How Does Chemical Warfare work

A. Chemical Weapons Delivery
1 Dispersion
2. Thermal Dissemination
3. Aerodynamic Dissemination
Transition: Well that covers how chemical warfare works. Lets go on to our last main point last but not least the “ how to Protect yourself from Chemical Warfare How to Protect against from Chemical Warfare

A. Protection from Chemical Warfare
1 Decontaminaion
IV. Conclusion
This marks the end of journey and the end of my speech. I Hope you guys learned something new if not a little something about Chemical Warfare. We have explored “what is chemical warfare”, “got to understand how chemical warfare”, and we also got to discuss how to protect against chemical warfare. My name is Derrick Williams and I have given you speech on the topic Chemical Warfare. Thank you

A. B. C.
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