Chemical Kinetics, a Clock Reaction

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Chemical Kinetics, A Clock Reaction

The purpose for the experiment Chemical Kinetics, a clock reaction is to figure out the reaction rate of a solution regarding its concentration, temperature, and also determine the effects of when a catalyst is present. The experiment resulted that the concentration, as well as its temperature can affect the rate constant inversely the outcome of the rate constant. By conducting the experiment, it is also discovered that the rate order of the reaction resulted as [I-]=1, [BrO3]=1 [H+]=2, the rate constant was averaged out at 33.08 (1/M3s1) and the Activation Energy calculated to be 46 kJ.

The significance of this experiment is to conduct trials of reactions under different circumstances to determine the dependence of each rate. The reaction rate is an expression of the speed of each reaction in respect of the concentration of each solution and the temperature at which the reaction takes place. The experiment focuses primarily on the reaction between the ions bromate and iodide.

6I-(aq) + BrO3-(aq) + 6H+ 3I2(aq) + Br-(aq) + 3H2O(l) (1)

In part one to determine the rate order of the ions the rate law of reaction is used as well as to find the rate constant (k).

Rate Law of Reaction
Rate= k[I-]x[BrO3-]y[H+]z (2) For part three, the Arrhenius equation is used to calculate the activation energy (Ea) Arrhenius Equation

(3) The Ea can be easily found by plotting data into excel and thus giving the slope (Ea)

The experiment is done three parts parts. In part one, the goal is to find the dependence of the reaction rate of concentration. The first part of the experiment relates a table (Table 1) that indicates 3...
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