Chemical Kinetics Sample Abstract and Results and Discussion

Topics: Chemical reaction, Reaction rate, Chemical kinetics Pages: 4 (992 words) Published: January 19, 2014
1Y.S. MATBA 1Department of Materials, Mining, and Metallurgical Engineering, College of Engineering Date Performed: December 3, 2013 Date Submitted: December 09, 2013
The number of moles formed or used up in a reaction per a unit of time is measured by chemical kinetics. Reactions proceed at different rates or speeds depending on the amount of substance and its concentration as well. The purpose of this study casts a light on the application of the topic. Six (6) experimental set-ups were used for testing the rate of reaction between S2O32- and HCl on an aqueous medium (H2O(l)). The factors affecting the rates namely the catalyst, temperature, and concentration are shown in the data how effectively each function affects the result. From the data of the experiment conducted, the rates of reactions sped up when there was a presence of a catalyst, increased temperature, and larger surface area and concentration. With the knowledge of chemical kinetics, people may calculate which reactions would be most efficient for a certain scenario.

Part A: Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Reaction
The first part was rather a difficult part because of the number of runs conducted and the set of data computed. The whole experiment was at room temperature (28 degrees Celsius) and each reaction was between six different combinations of volumes of 0.15M Na2S2O3, 3M HCl, and H2O(l). Initial concentrations were computed by the concentration of the substance multiplied by its volume in...

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Chemical Education Digital Library. 2011. Retrieved: Dec. 07, 2013. Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Dec.02, 2013. Retrieved: Dec 06, 2013. (I took consultation only on the enthalpy of formation values)
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