Chemical and Physical Reactions

Topics: Chemistry, Solubility, Chemical substance Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Report Submitted: February 17, 2013
Title: Physical and Chemical Properties
Purpose: To investigate and learn the physical and chemical properties of pure chemical substances. Procedure: I used various different tools to investigate the different physical and chemical properties, such as blue and red litmus papers, beakers, and wells. Data Tables:

Substance NameColorOdorHeat EffectCold H2OHot H2OLitmus TestDilute HClDilute NaOH MgSilverNoneNoneNoneNot soluble, small bubblesRed litmus paper Heat; smokingNone CuGoldPungent Gas evolutionNoneNot solubleRed litmus paperNothingCold ZnSilverNoneNoneNoneNot solubleRed litmus paperColdCold MgOWhitePungent NoneSoluble, mixesSeparates mixture, and then returnsRed litmus paperTurns solution yellowCold CuCO3GreenPungentDark Green, BlackSoluble, MixesSeparates mixture, and then returnsRed litmus paperTurns solution greenTurns solution blue Cu(NO)3BlueNoneTurns Turquoise Turns aqua-blue; solubleMixes even more thoroughBlue Litmus paperCold, green cold NaClWhiteNoneEvaporation of soluteMixes some of the soluteMixes more thoroughRed litmus paperCrystal-lized solid formsCold

a.)Yes, I did observe chemical changes.
b.)Evidence such as temperature change, gas production, substance disappearing, formation of solids, changing of color, and odor production let me know that a chemical change has occurred. c.)Two examples of chemical changes that I observed are color and odor change. d.)A) silver metallic color- physical

B) turns gray in the air- chemical
C) melts at 98C- physical
D) reacts explosively w Cl gas- chemical
e) A) physical
B) chemical
C) chemical
D) chemical
E) chemical
D) chemical
f) By evaporating the water from the NaCl, you could show that the dissolvent was a physical change

Conclusion: In this experiment, I learned how to distinguish chemical changes from physical changes.
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