Chemical and Physical Changes in Matter

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Chemical substance Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Chemical and Physical Changes in Matter

The purpose is to observe chemical and physical changes and to identify each.

Do experiments 1-8 as directed by the handout.

Data and Results:
Experiment| Observations| Type of Change| Supporting Evidence| 1| -After a few seconds, yellow smoke was produced-Wood splinters are becoming black-Bottom part of test tube has black color on the sides-Some woods splinters have been burned to ash-Middle of test tube has yellow color on the sides| Chemical| -The wood splinters turned to ash and they produced a gas| 2| -Mass of copper in crucible = 10.26g-After 4 minutes, copper turned into silver color-Mass remained the same after 5 minutes over the burner, 10.26g| Chemical| -The copper in the crucible changed from a copper color to a silver color| 4| -Crystals turned to liquid-Blue liquid changed into a green liquid-Gas was produced by the copper nitrate-A yellow gas filled the entire tube-Substance turned black-After adding 10 drops of HNO3 and heating gently, a yellow gas was produced-Smells like a swimming pool-Substance remained black| Chemical| -The copper nitrate changed from a blue color into a green color and then into black, produced a gas, and its smell changed when the HNO3 was added| 5| -After being shaken, the mixture has salt floating around everywhere in the water-Solution started bubbling after a minute of burning-Solution sizzled and the water part of the solution evaporated, leaving behind just the salt| Physical| -The water and the salt were able to be separated after they were mixed together| 6| -Top layer has a white substance-When shaken, the white substance doesn’t dissolve| Physical| -The white substance was floating on top of the solution and didn’t dissolve or mix with it| 7| -Powdered sulfur doesn’t react to the magnet-Iron filings are attracted to the magnet-After mixing, the mixture is attracted to the magnet-Mixture produces a yellow gas...
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